Interbrax specializes in coordinating and ensuring the import of products to its Brazilian customers. Its main goal is to reduce the risk of international business. In Brazil, Interbrax works like the department of foreign trade for its clients, providing speed, agility, and, especially, security for its customers to conduct their international business. Outside of Brazil, we have responsible, ethical, and dedicated partners. Interbrax started in 1999, though its founder has been working in the international market since 1974. The company has grown an average of 30% per year due to its ability to explore opportunities in partnership with its customers.


   1) Protected Interests: With Interbrax, the client feels at ease to negotiate with other countries. Interbrax coordinates its business with local buyers in Brazil and the corresponding supplier. The partner country acts in price quotation, monitoring of manufacturing, quality control, export bureaucracy, etc., which results in reduced risk of business.

   2) Low cost to your company: a) Interbrax provides to the Brazilian customer a team with extensive experience in the international market. This team of specialists provides security for their businesses at nominal cost, eliminating the need for the customer to have a special import department. b) Interbrax only charges a commission on completed trades.

   3) Values and Principles: Interbrax credits its success to high ethical standards. This sense of responsibility and opportunity leads to exemplary results, creating sustainable value and long-term partnerships with equally devoted customers and suppliers.



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